Team Filly Shirts!

Untitledscreen-shot-2013-06-20-at-8-02-10-pm Men's T-ShirtHey Everyone,
I’m super excited to announce that mantrafit has created a T-shirt to help support me and my trip to the CrossFit Games. In addition they have also created a T-shirt to help support my client and friend Lisa Rendic in her trip to the CrossFit Games as a Masters competitor. If you would like to support our trip to Carson then please consider buying one of these awesome shirts. Read below for more details on how you can support us.


Place your orders by end of day Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MantraFit is proud to offer the Rock Like Rendic and Team Filly 2013 Games shirts to the TJ’s community! Designed in conjunction with both Lisa and Marcus, these shirts represent the mantras that helped drive each of them to this year’s CrossFit Games.

Who is MantraFit?

MantraFit is a new fitness apparel company co-founded by three TJ’s members, Jim and Karis O’Sullivan and Tammy Baca. Inspired by our own personal journeys with CrossFit and the TJ’s community as a whole, we wanted to build a company that exemplifies what CrossFit means to all of us: fitness, inspiration, and transformation. Building our brand on these three pillars, we are driven to provide quality apparel for kick ass people who do kick ass things!

How does your shirt order help Lisa and Marcus?

For every shirt that is purchased, MantraFit will give that athlete $5.

  • Buy a Team Filly shirt and $5 will go to Marcus
  • Buy a Rock Like Rendic shirt and $5 will go to Lisa

How to pre-order your shirts?

If you are a TJ’s member, simply fill out the pre-order form which you will find in each gym location by end of day, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

  • You do not need to pay for your shirts until they are available for pick-up on Saturday, July 13.
  • MantraFit will set up times at each of the gyms for you to pick up your shirts and submit payment. Cash or check is preferred, but we are able to process payment with credit card.

If you are not local, we ask that you email [email protected] with your name, phone, and indicate which shirt you would like to order, along with size.  You will be asked to mail a check for payment, as well as pay $2.50 per shirt for shipping.

For more information, please send email to [email protected]

Or visit us Facebook for more information at

Training Log Week 1 Post Vacation

June 14th

airdyne 30 min z1
(get off every 5 min and perform 10 m HS walk and 10 squats)
unbroken hs walks – averaged about 260watts
A. Power clean and jerk; 3 reps on the min for 10 min 60/67% 1rm – up and down per set waveload
– juggled between 190# and 210#. tried some with TnG and others with singles. testing out how the back feels
B. Squat snatch off high blocks; build to a max
– 205 for today, 215 was there just wasn’t agressive with my hands at the top, so difficult for me to generate power from this position
3 rounds for time
25 kbs 2 pood
25 burpees
– 5:53
5:30 PM
For time:
Run 1 mile
40 strict hspu
80 power snatch 80#
– 17:43 (6:30 mile, :15 transition, 4:00 hspu, :15 transition, 6:43 snatches), HSPU were tough. started with sets of 5 and then dropped to sets of 3. shoulders and wrists were really bothering me from earlier work today. happy with my resolve to finish on the snatches. reminiscent of 100’s with that dumbbell. 
June 16th
Squat clean gauntlet (2012 games standard)
*had to stop after 285, back felt really bad and I didn’t want to risk hurting it more
5 rounds for time:
4 squat snatch 165#
5 bar muscle ups
40 double unders
*stayed steady and controlled. did singles on all snatches and then unbroken on the rest. forgot time and wasn’t concerned about it.
for time:
Run 400m
21 unbroken CTB chin ups
Run 400 m
18 unbroken CTB chin ups
Run 400 m
15 unbroken CTB chin ups
Run 400 m
-7:03 was trying to get under 7 mins. Felt like this was a similar test to Helen and wanted to get a similar time to what I hope my current Helen to be. Happy with the running. Pull ups were not a problem. 
June 17th
row 500m @ 1:45/500 m
jump rope 90 sec @ easy pace
-Completed at home on the deck with Meg at 7:30am.
A. Power snatch Cluster; 1.1×10; rest 3 min, 10 sec b/t reps
-195, 200, 205 x8sets. This was the best I had for today. Not a ton of power on my pull these days.
EMOM 12 min:
Odd- 3 power clean 225# TnG
even- 6 weighted dips (moderate load) used 53# (not too bad)
100 kbs for time 2 pood
– 4:27 (40/15/10/10/9/9/7) – Grip smasher. Dug in pretty deep towards the end so happy about that. 
For time:
run 400m
30 thrusters 135#
-2:44 unbroken. Ran in 1:33 and took about 10 seconds to pick up the bar. Wasn’t going to put it down. Last 3 reps were interesting. 
June 18th
Bike 15 min z1
bike sprints 1 min uphill grinder pace
easy ride down/recover
15 min z1 flush pace
*scott valley (vasco st.) bottom to just turning corner. tough after 3 rounds. the rest period was always around 2:30. The legs get so juiced half way up the hill and then it is just a fight to move enough air in and out of my body. 
Open water intervals:
Swim out 2 min
Swim back in
rest 3 min on shore
-swam in the tiburon lagoon. felt great today and the water temp was probably around 68. feeling so much more comfortable in the water.
June 19th
Airydne 10 min z1 (200 W/avg)
Airydne 30 seconds @85% (424-475)
airydne 30 seconds @50% (100-150)
– At home on the deck with megz. beautiful morning in Mill Valley. I love being able to finish up these sessions and walk right into the kitchen to fix breakfast. Dreaming of when I can have a complete home gym.
5 rounds for time:
5 heavy tire flips
5 burpee jump through tires
3:40 – tire wasn’t the biggest thing ever but not easy. was steady the first 4 rounds then pushed it at the end. rest as needed5 rounds for time:
10 stone to shoulder 150#
10 box jumps 24″
14:03 – easily the hardest of the 3 today. stone was a grind. box jumps were step downs the whole way and were just rest from the stone. stone had to be lapped and then rolled up my body on every represt as neededFor time:
60 KB snatch 2 pood (alt per 5)
20 wall walks
6:48 – 5 reps, put bell down, take a breath, 5 reps, put bell down…. repeat. Snatches went at a good clip. But I knew the wall walks were going to be the time suck. They are a great drill to help teach you what you are capable of doing when your shoulders hurt SO BAD!
6 TnG power snatch – add per set unbroken
Airydne 30 seconds
rest 5 min
x5 sets
*last set of snatches almost floored me. so hard! these sets are designed to make you feel pain and I know that all to well. fast forward about 10sec after you step of the airdyne. It is just as Tony Bourdain once described the tazer gun to be. Your body feels like one giant open cavity and the dentist just hit the nerve with the drill. The pain spreads like electricity and it is inescapable for a few split seconds. To think that you willingly get back on that bike is crazy on many levels. Fine Dyning at its best.
June 20th
Row 500m in 1:38.5
rest 90 sec
(rest 6 min b/t sets 3/4)
1:38.4, 1:38.4, 1:38.4
1:38.3, 1:38.3, 1:37.4
* feeling very strong on these. breathing was labored during the rest periods but I was always able to control myself before next set.
Pool swim:
25m @90%
rest 30 seconds
(max 3 min transition)
bike 20 min easy
0 SEC rest
Run 2500m at tempo – upbeat
– Pool sprints really are a nice way to start this off. I imagine is simulates some of the added exertion of being in open water and battling currents. I’ve been pushing these and perhaps going beyond 90%. Made the quick transition and did a 20min easy bike on a single speed. Ran 2500m in about 10mins. Tried to stay upbeat and posture during entire run felt great.