Revival Strength | Testimonials
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To see more program participants in action, check out @revivalstrength on Instagram or #awakentrainingseries. Ready to have your own breakthrough? Contact us to get started.

“I had the chance to work out with some Games athletes yesterday. Great athletes. Held my ground just fine. 🙂
Thanks for training me smarter and not harder. There is something to the work we do that works, as we know! I feel like my volume is greater than theirs, and I am stoked. I know ours is far from Games style programming/training. But more importantly – feels awesome to be fit and not exhausted.
-Addison Bain, Individual Design client

“This when I started the first Awaken Training Series 1.0 up to now and following the diet you put in Resources on Revival Strength.”

– Awaken Training Series participant

I used to spend a lot of time stressing about my workouts, what I should be focusing on, how to attack my weaknesses, what weights I should be using, how hard I should be pushing, etc…It has drastically changed the way I train. My job now is to show up every day, give everything I have, recover and come back the next day.
-Bridget Yates, CrossFit Regionals competitor and Individual Design client

I’m seeing improvement in different areas of fitness, strength, skills and mentally as well. My workouts have been incredibly consistent with many fewer “bad” days than before. Having a coach that I trust has allowed me to really focus on my training and learn a great deal about myself while someone else guides me on my journey.
-Joel Martin, Ph.D., CSCS, ACSM EP-C
Individual Design client
Most importantly, I just enjoy training again. With my injuries, it was becoming a game of work-arounds and frustration. But this program has lit my fire again and I look forward to training every day. I also really look forward to the homework on the rest days. The holistic approach is very in line with my own personal philosophies, which is one of the reasons I decided to try the program in the first place.
-Navid R., Awaken Training Series participant