Testing Monday August 27

Long day yesterday. Flight landed at SFO at 9:30 and we didn’t get home till about 10:30. I know it seems like nothing but that is late for me. Sleep was OK but planes, cars, and lack of sleep conspired to get my back a little tight today. Loosened up with a early morning run.

7am Wake Up
7:15am Greens First/Max Fibre Shake
7:45am Track Warm Up

8:00am – 3K Time Trial (11:57.24)
*This was a personal best with my previous best time at the 2011 OPTathlon (12:22). I have a lifetime goal of getting a sub 12min 2mile time. The 12min test is a standard test in soccer called the Cooper Test. I never passed it when I played youth soccer or even in college. Always been a tough one for me both physically and mentally. Proud of my effort today since I pushed to get under 12mins. Keep in mind that 3K is 200m shy of a full 2miles. So I have a ways still to go but I’m closer than I have ever been.

8:30 – PWO Shake (Protein 23gr/Carbs 9gr)
9:00 – Breakfast – 3 Eggs, onions, 3 slices bacon, decaf coffee/heavy cream

11:30am – Training Part 2

A. Build to a tough single in the Snatch – 245# (called it here since I didn’t want to push it on my back)
B. Take 77% of part A (188lbs) and perform 20 reps for time – 3:15


Today was a great day. Two great tests for me that felt good. I know I have room to improve on both but I was happen to get these under by belt.

Looking forward to a great week of training and work.