Testing Week Commence

Welcome to Arizona. But before you leave you better wake up at 5:30am and head down to the gym and get in your first tester. On an empty stomach filled with just some coffee and cream I arrived at the MV gym at 6:15am. Dan met me there for the following test.

Testing Day 1 – Part 1 7am

8mins – Build to a 1RM in the Squat Clean Thruster
– 260#

Rest 2mins

8mins – AMRAP Squat Clean Thrusters @ 75% of 1RM
– 195# (34 Reps)


*Dan and I warmed up without any weights and began the 8mins clock without having lifted anything more than a bar. So I had a make big jumps and my best efforts came with short rests. I made 260# which was a PR but I feel like I could have done more if I had some more time. About 5 mins into the AMRAP the metal 5lb weight on the bar broke in half and I had to run over and get a new one. Maybe could have gotten one more rep.

Travel to AZ

Testing Day 1 – Part 2 5:30pm

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
300m Row
70 Double Unders

*When I arrived I thought I would be meeting the guys for a workout and then got the word that they had all trained at 1pm. So I was sort of out of luck at 4:30pm. So I just went down to OPT and did the workout solo. It was actually really nice to move after sitting on the plane. Breathing got hard but body felt great on this workout. Recovered quickly and went out for mediocre Whole Foods dinner. WF let me down this evening big time. Meat selection was awful. Had some super dry pork shoulder. Didn’t think it was possible to have dry pork shoulder but they pulled it off.

When I finally got home and Danny came back from his holiday party dinner we had a chance to catch up. I threw out the question, “What time do you guys go to bed around here?”. Danny says, “11pm”. OUCH!!! So there I was staying up late and just waiting for someone to say bedtime. Sleeping on the couch for a couple days. Very comfortable couch. I want one just like it. So nice.