The end of another chapter

The CrossFit Games marked the end of another volume in the novel that is my life. This past year has truly been one of self discovery. So many things have added meaning, purpose, and challenge to this past year. I’m grateful for all of it, the highs and the lows. In hindsight, one of the true blessings of making it to the CrossFit Games was that I had an opportunity to bring closure to it all.

Naughty Nancy

                                                 Naught Nancy

It would be impossible for me to wrap up the last year of training and competing in just this post. Fortunately I’ve shared most of it with you all on this blog for the past 11 months. I believe my first blog post chronicling my training this year was August 28th of 2012. Megan and I were in Seattle and I did my first programmed workout from James. It just so happened that on that first day I had to row 60mins for max meters. (Lucky to have had that and two other 60min tests under my belt when Dave announced the half marathon row).


Eleven months later I find myself with one Games appearance under my belt. As my dad loves to ask, “what do you have to report?”. I still love fitness. I’m committed to exploring the outer limits of myself mentally, spiritually, and physically, through the sport of fitness . My goals for the past year were met and exceeded. Through this blog I was able to share a big part of my life with so many people. Hopefully it provide a window for you all to look through to see what the life of one competitive CrossFit athlete looks like. It is perhaps the thing I’m most proud of this year. Sharing the ups and the downs, being transparent, and teaching others through my own personal pursuits has added purpose to this year.

Special thanks to the following people for their role in the most recent Games.

James Fitzgerald – A mentor to me and a coach at heart. The first athlete in the sport of fitness, that through his inspiring example, lead me to be his biggest fan, his student, a CCP coach, and later on his athlete. I still vividly remember the day I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when he unexpectedly walked up and introduced himself to me at the 2010 CrossFit Games in whole foods. Thank you for helping me realize some things about myself.

TJ and Allison Belger – Friends, leaders of our community, and partners in this crazy thing we do. Without your support this year I wouldn’t have been able to commit the time and energy needed to realize a dream. Thank you.

TEAM Filly – Anyone who wore a Team Filly shirt this past month. All my amazing supporters. You guys out in Mississippi, screaming at the television up in Novato, seeking out good WiFi up in the mountains, my Mill Valley Family, and I’ll never forget the crew the made the trip down south (Yago, Bridget and Nate, Bridget and Jake, Sarah, Dan, Joe, Hilah and KP, Evan and Jess, Joe, Andy, Jason, and Lisa S, and my superstar teammate and athlete Lisa R and CJ)

TEAM Filly Proper – Mom, Dad, Sara, Tony, Chris, Hannah, Lilah, Elise, and Jason Kaden. I will always remember these last two competitions for many reasons but having my family all together to support me ranks amongst the top.

Meggerz – I never want to do one of these things without you. Nobody could take your place nor would I want anyone to. Thank you for sticking by me through another year of this.


So begins the next chapter in this series yet to be titled. I look forward to getting back to using this outlet to share with you all. Look for me to put in another year of work to see what spits out the other side. The mission is the same. Invest deeply into the process of training and be open to the magic at the end of the year. Along the way try to reach as many people as possible and show them how one person at this level of the fitness choses to do things.

I’ll leave you with perhaps the best bit of coaching advice I received at the CrossFit Games. See caption below.


                                                         LET THE HAIR DOWN