The Other Side of Competition


This weekend I was lucky to be part of an amazing event and fitness competition. The NorCal Masters competition put on by TJ’s Gym was a great success. Happy athletes, happy spectators, no major hiccups in the event, only a couple injured athletes, and two full days of fun. Athletes in their 40’s all the way up to their 60’s competed in age categories similar to the masters age categories for the CrossFit games. Six separate events and a final event gave the athletes a test in a wide variety of fitness modalities and time domains. Various energy systems got tested and athletes had a chance to show off their skills in simple and complex movements. We had food vendors serving up grass fed meats and amazing breakfast and lunch. Special guests Bill Grundler, Kelly Starrett, Annie Sakamoto, and more showed up to give the athletes and spectators thought provoking and information talks.

I’m grateful to have been part of the process. My good friends Lisa Rendic and TJ Belger really deserve so much credit for having the vision to put this event on and for being organized enough to see it all come to light. Each year it gets bigger but the quality of the event, the attention to details, and the care for the athletes remains top notch. Awesome job.

Finally a big congratulations to all the athletes from TJ’s Gym that competed this weekend. Three of our athletes sat on the podium at the end of the day on Sunday. Amy Blackburn who has been CrossFitting less than a year managed a 3rd place finish in the 40-44 category. She was inches away from successfully completing her first muscle up ever in yesterdays final workout. On the mens side Brad Matsik edged out a tough field in the 45-49 year old category and took 1st place. I’m so happy for Brad after what I’m sure was a disappointing finish at the TJ’s Games this year he turned it around with hard work and determination and won. BOOM! Last but not least a huge congratulations to Allison Belger for coming back and winning for the second year in a row the 40-44 year old category. What most people may or may not know is that Allison has been battling a pretty severe shoulder injury for the past couple months. Her training has been limited. Even with a slight misstep in the second to last workout of the competition she was able to rally and pull out a victory in the finals to take first place.  OH MY!!! How could I forget. TJ’s very own Deirdra Rogers also stood atop the podium this weekend taking 2nd place in the 60+ division. So fun to see Deirdra smiling her way to second place. Deirdra has also battled some injuries this year and overcame them this weekend. So proud to be part of this coaching staff with you Deirdra. Awesome job team TJ’s.

I managed to piece my Saturday training session together around the competition. It took getting up really early in the morning and sneaking away during a lunch break at the competition to do some clean and jerks in the warm up area but I got it done and very happy I did.

A. Clean and jerk 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
255, 265, 275, 285, 295
*Performed these as Power Clean and Jerk + Squat Clean and Jerk. Felt strong on the last few jerks. Feel like I could power clean and jerk more. My last jerk at 295 after the squat was the easiest of the entire session. Reminds me that if I can just stay back on my heels and trust myself to get under the bar then I have more in the tank. 
8 min amrap @85%
8 thrusters 95#
8 toes to bar
Row 150m
– 5 Rounds + 8 + 8 + 15m

Rest 4 min
8 min amrap @85%
10 wall balls
5 CTB chin ups
Run 100m
– 7 Rounds + 1wb

rest 4 min
8 min amrap @85%
10 OHS 75#
10 knees to elbow
20 calories airdyne
– 4 Rounds + 10 + 10kte


Felt great to do some of these sub maximal aerobic sets. I haven’t done these consistently in my training in a while. I feel like I’ve put in some solid aerobic work in the last couple months that I’m excited to test out and utilize in these MAP session the next couple weeks. Felt strong today. Run is still difficult to push any sort of pace and avoid resting at the transitions.