Thursday Aug 30th

4:45am – Wake Up
5:00am – Greens First/Max Fibre/Progenex Fish Oil/Biokult Probiotics
5:15am – Decaf Coffee/Heavy Cream x 2
5:45-8:30 – Coach and Consults
9:00am – Breakfast (Southwestern Chicken Salad (chx breast, carrosts, onions, raisons, almonds, paleo mayo), 1 Pork Sausage, 1/2 Hass Avocado)
9:15-12:00 – Coach and Consults
12:30 – ART Appointment with the great Dr Doug Kyle

* Quick plug about my good friend and ART therapist Dr Doug Kyle. He is a tremendous gift to my life. His expertise is unmatched in my experience and his methods are completely aligned with a lifestyle of movement. If you move often and push yourself you deserve to treat yourself to some therapy every so often with an expert. Keep that machine (your body) fine tuned for success and health.

1:00 – Training part 1
Pre WOD – 5g Beta Alanine/5g Creatine

A. Work up to 3 TnG Power Snatch; feel good; – 195#
B. EMOM x 15mins; 3 TnG Power Snatch (175#); – Completed and manageable entire time. Was worried this would be too tough for me and that my back would limit me today. Happy to have made it through. Hand ripped on set 9 or 10 so I used straps on the last 3 sets to save my palm.
C. 10 Power Clean and Push Press Fast; 3 sets; rest 1mins – 115# for all sets (all sets were fast, last one felt tough)


2:00pm – PWO (23g Pro/9g Carb)
2:30pm – Post WOD Meal – Beef Patty, Hash Browns, Salad with Avocado

3:00-6:00pm – Coaching/Consults
6:00pm – Training Part 2
For Time
L Pistol
R Pistol


*Super Tough. This workout was way harder than I thought it was going to be. After the set of 8 Ring HSPU things go very tough on the upper body. I felt shaky on the rings and started to lose positioning. At about the set of 5 my left sided pistols started to feel terrible. My left hip/back didn’t feel strong. When you are staring at a bunch more reps and the body starts to fail it is discouraging. I admit that I didn’t push myself through the final reps of this workout. I backed off a bit to ensure I didn’t do something stupid to my body. As it was I strained my left groin a little bit on a HSPU. Sometimes you have to know when the work load is winning and you movement is falling apart. When that happens and you are in a training environment like this you have to listen and back off. No need to push through and be a hero on a Thursday night in August. Save that for a Sunday afternoon in May (boom Regionals!)

PWO – 23g Pro/9g Carbs (trying to burn through this Progenex bag that I got for free last week… pretty tasty Mocha flavor… inspires me to work on new flavors of ReVIVE)

Dinner – Whatever is at the house when I get there. Goodnight long day.