Thursday September 27th

7am – Wake Up
8:30am – Client Session
9:30am – Training Part 1

Row 2k For Time
*The emotional and psychologically preparation for this workout started on Monday when I got word from my coach that I was supposed to perform this workout on Thrusday. I think I immediately developed a sense of nausea when I read the program more than 72 hours before I was supposed to row. Rowing for 2 Kilometers on the erg is pretty foreign to me. I’ve done a total of 2 of these in my life I think and only one when I actually had a clue of what I was doing. I remember it being immensely uncomfortable and wanting to quit several times.

My program had me slated to perform this row in the evening. I woke up this morning with a heart rate of about 85 bpm. That is about 25 bpm over my normal average. Nervous is an understatement. I wanted this to be over with. My body and mind were already tired from the long week of training and thinking about this. I had another 12 hours of work and training ahead of me until I was supposed to row. So I made the decision to row in the morning instead so I could try to muster up some mental strength. I was scared that I might lose the mental battle during the row today and that was enough to get me to go against the plan and just get it done.

The outcome. Well I rowed hard. I had a plan. I stuck to it for the most part. I was warned about when it was going to get hard. It did. About 800m in my pace start to fall off just a little bit so I cranked a bit harder to prove to myself that I wasn’t out of it. Then around 1100m I remembered reading that this is the distance that can make or break the 2k. I pushed through and held my pace. It wasn’t until 750m out that I just couldn’t get my split time to recover to where I had hoped it would be. But mentally I held on and convinced myself that if I could just get inside 500m that I would be fine. I was inside of 500m and 1:46 was staring me in the face. I thought to myself “I can hang in there for under 2 minutes”. So I did and pushed a little harder. But the split didn’t budge at all. So it all came down to the final 200 when I just picked up my cadence and let the quads explode with pain.

And it was over. 6:44.3 Not what I had hoped for but for what my body wanted to give me today I think I did well mentally. I didn’t cave in when I thought I might.


PWO – 21g Carb/8g Protein Liquid
Breakfast – 3.5 Eggs, Zucchini, Chard, Thyme, Salt and Pepper + 1 Orange (valencia)

11:30 – Training Clients
12:30 – Training part 2 w/ Lisa (teammate and friend that finally got her thumb brace off this week. I’m so thrilled for her to start working her way back in to training the way she loves to…. hard and focused)
Pre Workout – 16g Protein + 9g Carb + 5g Creatine + 5g Beta Alanine

On the minute for 24 min:
Odd: Power clean x3/Hang power clean (high hang) x2/hang power clean
x1 (below knee) 155# (1 complex)
Even: HSPU x6
– Completed and felt strong  and fast throughout.


PWO – 32g Protein/20g Carb – Liquid

2pm – Business meeting with partner and friend TJ. Exciting stuff happening in our community and lots to talk about. You have to bounce ideas of others on a regular basis. Stop keeping all those thoughts to yourself.
3pm – Lunch
-Asian Chicken Salad over romaine lettuce

3-6pm – Coaching Classes and High School Boys Basketball team
*It has been so fun to watch the high school boys develop  over the course of 5 weeks. They are half way through their strength and conditioning program before the start of the winter season. Today the boys did some front squats and it is amazing to see them move today as compared to the first day when they had no clue of where their bodies were in space. We all had some interesting conversation about exercise in between their sets of lunges. One athlete told me he had already done an “arm” workout earlier in the day at weight training and didn’t want to overdo it in class with me. So I starting asking about what kinds of exercise selection they were using in weight training class at school. It prompted a fun conversation about core, triceps, biceps, calf raises, etc. Love seeing their faces when I suggest that some of their favorite mirror exercises might not be the best for their sport goals.

6:30pm – Training part 3

Oly skill work 30 min (light loads, nothing over 50% 1rm)… basically a
flow session
*Worked mainly on my Jerk and Full Snatch. Played with light weights and really focused hard on making each rep consistent. Still hitting my squat flexibility each week in my flats. Not using weightlifting shoes for sessions like this is paying off. I’m getting much more comfortable in my bottom positions. 

7:00pm – Dinner (was at the parents house and just raided everything that looked good)
– Chicken Thighs with ketchup and mustard
– Chicken Breast sliced meat
– Salad with dressing (greens and carrots)
– 5 or 6 prunes
– Dark Chocolate, about 2oz
– Sunflower seeds (salted and roasted) – very good.

Had a great visit with my parents last night who were celebrating their Anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both. I surprised them with an Anniversary present when I let them both know that I had bought a last minute ticket to join them and the whole family on a trip to Mexico in two weeks. We are all so happy that we are going to get to spend a few days together in Mexico off the grid. Love you both so much.

10pm – Bed Time – Late!