Thursday, Training Week is Over

Another relaxed morning. Didn’t have any work obligations until around 10:30 today. So I had a leisurely breakfast with coffee and heavy cream after the normal morning supplement train.

-2.5 Eggs
-2 Slices Bacon
-1 Orange
-Coffee with Heavy Cream

8:45 – Megan’s car dies about 100m from the gym door in heavy traffic. I sprint out there and do a 50m car push. Turned out to be just the warm up I need to get my day started. Megan’s car is now fixed and life is good.

Training at 9am to start the day was a skill session. I’m aware that my ankles and hips are tight in my olympic lifts. When I put on my weightlifting shoes I feel tremendously better. Weightlifting shoes traditionally have a heal lift to them. This helps to position the athlete in a more upright position when at the bottom of their squat. They can help lifters to overcome ankle flexibility problems. But in our sport you never can rely on being able to wear those things. May you have to run or jump in such a way that doesn’t allow for weightlifting shoes. I remember my first competition ever. The workout was 800m Run/AMRAP Overhead squats. I was so married to my weightlifting shoes for the stability and ease of squatting they provided me in the overhead squat position that I ran the entire 800m in my weightlifting shoes. GET REAL DUDE! This year I’m going to work on sorting out my mobility issue that make me reach for those shoes every time I squat or pistol. So today I decided to spend some time in my Oly Skill Session lifting in my flats. Those weightlifting shoes will always be there if I need or can use them. Time to get better without them.

9am – AM training
-15min Airdyne Warm Up
-20min Shoulder Mobility Session
-30min Olympic Lifting Flow Session
*95# Snatch work (full snatch and snatch balance working on footwork)
*135# Clean and Jerk (full clean, split jerk, power clean. again focusing on footwork)
-10min Foam rolling and Reverse Hyper

10:30-11:30 – Client Training Session. I put two clients through a MAP training session. Great movers and they both had totally different approaches to the training. Coaching fitness has to be a benefit as an athlete. You learn from your clients and from watching people take different approaches to work.

12pm – Training
Every Minute Complete
3 Deadlifts 315lbs
15 Double Unders
*completed. first time deadlifting since the crossfit games. I’ve been nursing a back injury and this was my first test at it. The injury feels fine and held up well. I think in an effort to compensate for the injury I may have overworked my left QL and will likely be paying a visit to my favorite ART therapist soon. But no major problems. 


*had some post workout fueling after each training session so far. mix of carbs and protein.

12:30-2p – Business Meeting
*Ate lunch during
-6oz New York Steak
-Sweet Potatoes (not sure how much but plenty)
*started to feel sleepy about 2 hours later and I’m wondering if this was the potatoes. I need to pay closer attention to this because when I have late evening training sessions I can’t afford to be sleepy eyed all afternoon. It is just too hard to come back from that and stay focused and positive.

3-6pm – Coaching (Adult and High School Boys Basketball Classes)
*Reached the 3 week mark with the High School program we are running. Starting to get to know the kids well enough now to poke some fun, joke around, and bring up random topics of interest not related to fitness. They get the drill now and work hard so I can have some fun with them. Big highlight of my day.

6pm – Training Part 3
For Time:
1000m Row
50 Ring Dips
500m Row
25 Ring Dips
250m Row
15 Ring Dips
*1st Row – 1:42 avg/500m, 2nd Row – 1:45 avg/500m, 3rd Row – 1:40 avg/500m
*Ring Dips – (10/10/10/10/5/5), (10/4/3/3/2/2/1), (7/2/2/2/2)


Dinner – 7:45pm
Chicken/Turkey Chili with sun dried tomatoes and ketchup
3/4 C White Rice