Onsite Personal Training

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and want the motivation and attention from working with a coach one on one, we offer personal training on an ongoing or short-term basis.


Personal training is a great choice for those who want to progress quickly but struggle with training on your own, or want the extra edge from getting real-time feedback on your movements and a highly individualized program. You can also boost your remote coaching with a few laser-focused personal training sessions to correct your form or gain confidence in new movements, or just get an extra dose of motivation and fun.


Our facility has everything you need for functional bodybuilding, strength, and conditioning, plus caring coaches who will work with you one on one to help you make your training your favorite part of the day. Show up ready to sweat and we’ll take care of the rest.

How it Works


Initial Consultation


First, we meet with you by Skype or in person for an initial consultation to set the goals of your training and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. The purpose of this consultation is to:


  • Set the foundation of trust, honesty and authenticity for the coaching relationship
  • Discuss expectations of you and your coach in the coaching relationship
  • Get to know your sports and fitness background
  • Discuss your movement limitations and injury history
  • Uncover your motivations, goals and deepest driving forces (identify your WHY)
  • Review your lifestyle and nutrition needs
  • Understand current recovery habits and requirements for the future

What You Will Get


No two client programs are alike, and your training will be designed for your unique lifestyle and purpose in mind. Here is what a typical program package will look like:


  • All training programs logged through TheFitBot application (data tracking, feedback platform, and communication portal)
  • Primary coach will write all weekly program designs and work with you 1:1 at intervals best suited to your individual program
  • Coaching team will consult together to develop your individualized long term plan and progressions
  • All training programs will be overseen by a head coach
  • Nutritional prescriptions based upon your goals, with ongoing assessment and adaptations as necessary with oversight by primary coach
  • Discounts on all Revive-Rx supplements

Ready to love your training in beautiful Marin County?