Training, A Red Eye, New England

I’m back in Western Massacheucetts. It is lovely back here. Looking out the kitchen window to actual woods, a red barn, a giant pile of fire wood, a wheelbarrow, and some other uncommon sightings to marin. There is a feeling of rustic, homey, and New England all wrapped into one simple view. The trip to get here was rough. Here is a brief sketch.

7:30-10am – Coaching
10am-Noon – Training (get in some quality training before the next 48hr adventure)

Part 1

Row 30 min z1 continuous
1:57.5 ish pace. had to jump off rower for 20-30sec to move for the class and it f’d up my split. oh well. not the focus. felt good to row for 30mins. 

Part 2

A. Hang squat snatch; build to a 3 rep max (bar
can’t cross your knee once rep is initiated)
185, 205, 215*, 225*, 235(1)*
B1. Push jerk 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 1 min
235, 255, 265, 275, 285(miss), 285
B2. Weighted dip 3-4 tough reps x6; rest 1min
80# all sets
B3. Amrap unbroken parallete hspu x6; rest 4 min 
10, 6, 8, 7, 6, 6
*ONLY rested 1min after p-HSPU. my mistake. held me back on the push jerk. could have used the rest period but good training session regardless.

Noon-2pm – Packing
2-5:30pm – Coaching
5:45-7:45 – Drive to San Jose Airport
9pm – Flight from San Jose to Boston direct

5:20am (EST) – Arrive Boston
6am – Picked up by Megan’s best friend and brought to Cambridge for a nap
6-9am – Sleep, only to be woken up by city construction outside the window (jackhammers)
9-11am – Megan’s parent arrive to pick us up and we eat breakfast and visit
11-1pm – Drive to Amherst (megz home town)

Rest of the day is spent lounging around the house. We went out to the barn that has been converted into a gym and did a little movement. Not much however. Megan’s dad was the focus and he got some great coaching from his daughter while I just tried to manage to stay warm. Barn = Cold.

Dinner was a delicious mix of roasted veggies and Brisket. Entertainment last night was Homeland episodes. I’ve officially converted my TV obsession from Breaking Bad to Homeland.

9pm – Bed