Training Day – Sept 25

4:30am – Wake Up Call – Automatic Coffee Brew setting had the coffee ready for me by the time I was in the kitchen. All my meals were packed and ready for me in the fridge when I woke up. Very relaxed morning wake up call despite the early time. Planning makes the morning so much easier.
5:15-8:15 – Coaching Class
*Morning Sake – 30g Protein

8:15 – Training Part 1
60 min zone 1 airdyne
1047 cals
240 w/avg

9:15 – PWO – 40P/40C
9:30 – Outdoor Class (sunny, fun)

*Breakfast – 10:30
– 4 Eggs – cooked zucchini, squash, onions, roasted cauliflower, cilantro pesto

11:00 – Client Consult

12:00 – Training Part 2
Pre – 16P/9C + 5 Creatine + 5 Beta Alanine

A. Power snatch from low blocks; build to a tough single
B. Close grip bench press; build to a max
305 (pr)
C1. TnG DL 10, 10, 10; rest 1 min – add/set
295, 305, 315
C2. Push press 10, 10, 10; rest 1 min/add-set
155, 165, 175 (only this last set felt tough)
*Snatches today were fun and felt great. Last time I tested Close Grip Bench I missed at 305. Great to get that today. Had a good laugh with my spotter Yago after he bailed me out of 315. I gave him a load of shit last time he spotted me too early on a bench press. So he let me hang out there stuck for a couple seconds just to make sure. My deadlifts always feel like they are a little behind. Always a little cautious on that move.


PWO – 32P/20C

Lunch – 2:00pm
– Asian Chicken Salad on romaine lettuce with heirloom tomatoes

4:00 – Training Part 3

60min Flow Session – Played with the following moves
Uneven weighted walking lunges (med ball on shoulder)
Free Handstand Push Ups
Parallete Handstand Push Ups
Single Leg Double Unders (29 reps R and L)
Low Bear Crawl
Muscle Ups

PWO – Dinner
– Tuesday Evening Rotisserie Chicken and Potatoes w/ Homemade side salad

House cleaning, meal prep for tomorrow, and watched some CrossFit Games on ESPN 2. Damn these gals are awesome.