Training for OPT Bash

With the weightlifting meet behind me I am setting my sights on the OPTathon at the Big Dawgs Bash in San Diego. This will be the first OPT Bash and it looks to be a great event. It will be a gathering of friends and fellow Big Dawgs. James Fitzgerald is the owner and visionary behind Optimum Performance Training (OPT). He made his mark on the CrossFit community in 2007 when he became the first man to win the CrossFit Games. I caught notice of him in my early days of following Since then I have attended several of his coaches seminars and I have followed his programming almost exclusively for the last 16 months.

This October they are hosting a gathering of friends, fellow coaches, and athletes of OPT in San Diego. In addition to hearing talks from James there will be speakers on a variety of topics, social time, and a full day of athletic competition. So my training is focused currently on getting ready to show my best stuff at the Bash. It should be a great weekend.

Training Highlights from this Week –

3 rounds for time: (4:30)
25 KBS – 2pd/1.5 pd
25 box jumps – 20″/14″
*Fun workout with the team


B. Power Snatch x 1/Snatch Balance x 3 – 80% x 4 sets; rest 90 sec (196lbs for all sets)
C. 5 x (1-5 CTB Chin Up ladders) for time (3:58)
6 sets:
5 tough thrusters
10 burpees AFAP
Row 25 sec @ 90%
1. 155/145m/1:02
2. 165/145m/1:03
3. 175/146m/1:03
4. 185/145m/1:05
5. 195/144m/1:07
6. 200/143m/1:12
Until next week. Train hard and rest well.