Training on Vacation

My girlfriend Megan and I have been talking about getting away for a weekend or longer for almost 6 months. This was before the CrossFit Open started. Six weeks of competition didn’t leave much time for a get away. Then when we qualified for Regional competition training became the priority. Then we opened a new gym and qualified for the CrossFit Games in July so vacation was off the table.

With the Games behind us and the gym up and running pretty smoothly (as smooth as possible in the 2nd month) it was time to get away for a couple days. We planned a trip to Lake Tahoe and booked some flights to the East Coast to visit her parents in September.

Lake Tahoe was great. We got to stay in a great place with a view of the entire lake. Hot tub on the back deck looking at this.

View from the Deck

Lake Tahoe

Fit people as we are, Megan and I just had to stay active on our vacation. We road our bikes to Squaw Valley from Tahoe City for a round trip total of 20 miles. It was a nice warm up for our 3 hour hike to High Camp at Squaw Valley. Two thousand feet up and many wrong turns made. As wiped out as I felt I had a workout in mind to do that afternoon when we returned. With a little encouragement from Meggerz I made it happen. This is what went down.

10 min Max Reps Ground to Overhead with Stone (73 reps)

2 min Rest

10 min Max Reps Handstand Push Ups (78 reps)

2 min Rest

10 min Max Reps Double Unders (592 reps)


With my goals for the coming year to be very competitive during the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open I know I need to keep my training consistent for a long time. That means doing workouts when I might not want to. Tahoe was a great example of my body being uninspired to workout but still managing to get the motivation together. Having people to support you makes all the difference. Thanks Megz for pushing me to finish that workout. I would have most certainly skipped out and called my hike enough had she not been there.