Training Party and PR’s

It was a full on party that nobody was really invited to but everyone decided to come to. I’m talking about 12:00pm on Saturday’s in Mill Valley when I usually train alone or with my trusted partner Megan. But when my coach told me to switch things up because of a series of benchmarks I had coming up I made a point to spread the word that I would be training. When you want to perform your best and get the most out of yourself sometimes it helps to have some people around. Today was a prime example of that. In the mix for the day were some great friends and inspiring training partners.

Megan – who I’m always comforted by when she is in the gym. Working out or not just having her there helps provide a sense of calm. She took on “Karen” today and completed the workout prescribed for the first time ever. Not the easiest WOD for a 5′ lady.

Evan – I feel like he drew the short stick today. Lactate testing. 250m Row/15 KBS/25 Burpees/15 KBS/250m Row. All at 100%, 3 sets, 12mins rest in between. His lips were white on the last one. Yuck and great effort.

Yago – He is going to snatch 185 soon. He nailed 180 today and was damn close to 185. He also did “Jackie” in pr fashion. Ask him about the chalk bucket I threw at him during his pull ups. Funny story.

Anthony – Comeback kid. Has been injured ever since regionals. Stupid partner deadlift. Anyway, all in the same week he is overcoming his back injury with some big benchmarks. Back squats at 250+, Deadlifts at 330+, and Front squats today with 225 for mad reps. Nice work brother. Keep it up.

Calen – Mr. Strong Lifts himself is starting to move weight fast again. Yep, he has snatched or cleaned almost every time I’ve seen him in the last 2-3 weeks. And setting PR’s while doing it. Yesterday at 195 Snatch. He is just good energy to be around when you are lifting.

Lisa – My most consistent training partner for the last several months. She shows up to the gym and does whatever I tell her to do. I’m just lucky that I get to work with such a tremendous athlete.

Jess – I’ll save the whole welcome back speech and just say that I was happy to have you in the gym today. She came thinking she might AD a little and squat. Next thing you know Lisa has her doing a monster MAP session that she has built up to over months. Jess just smiled and went for it. No excuses.

Dan the Man – This guy might just literally do anything I tell him to do. The only exception is if it contradicts something that James has said. I’ve seriously never seen him complain about having to do a training session. He gets upset, don’t get me wrong. He hates to perform to less than his expectations. But no matter what the training session he just smiles and says “I’m pumped, this is going to be so fun.” He did Jackie with me today so I wouldn’t have to go solo at 4:30pm.

That was the team and they were all there for their own focused reasons. It was great to have a full house as I went after some benchmarks I’ve wanted to hit for a long time. The nerves were there. The HR was jacked while I was simply warming up on the airdyne. I was as ready as I was going to be and my mindset was solid.

Training Part 1 – 12:00pm

A. Build to a 1RM Power Clean
-315 *pr
B. Build to a 1RM Push Jerk
-305 *pr
C. “Grace”
For Time
30 Clean and Jerks 135#
-1:15 *pr 

*What a great session. I hit both my 1RM lifts and stopped. I’m not sure I had much more in me anyway but I was certain that I wanted to remain positive and not miss any lifts. On my way up to 305# jerk I missed it once and came back with some attitude and got it. Been so long since I did Grace I had no idea what to expect. I’ve seen people fall apart so many times past 20 reps that I just assumed there would be a time that I needed to break. But when 20 reps rolled around and I still had a good grip I just kept going. Then when there were only 5 reps to go I was certain I wasn’t going to let go. Unbroken! Bam!



Training Part 2 – 4:30pm

A. “Jackie”
For Time
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pull Ups
-5:19 *pr

Biggest question was how fast to row. When you have Dan next to you it is hard to pace things too much because he rows so fast and his stroke rate is always higher than yours. It kinda makes you go faster. I held a 1:41.6 average for the 1k and when I got off the rower my legs felt great. I was able to hammer my thrusters and never slow down. In all my previous attempts at this workout I had to break the pull ups. Today they felt easy and fast.


Fantastic day of testing. Went to a social event in the evening with all the folks that trained together today. Grilled meats, beet chips, good company, and a fun game of Apples to Apples that I started out strong in and fell off miserably at the end.