Training Sept 18th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Absolutely one of my heroes in this lifetime. Thanks for your constant support, caring, and relentless effort to provide for me and the family. May this year be better than last.

4:30am – Wake up (getting started early today)
4:45am – Supplements + Shake
– Greens First
– Max Fibre
– Progenex Fish Oil
– Proanox Genesis
– Vit D 4000iu
– Biokult Probiotics
5:00am – Large Coffee with Heavy cream. One at home and one to go
5:15-8:15am – Cocaching Classes.
*AM Protein Shake 7:00am – 40g Protein
8:15am – Training Part 1

50 min zone 1 airdyne
235 avg/watts
815 cals
*PWO – 32g Protein/20g Carb

9:30-10:30 – Outdoor class coaching. Natural vitamin D.
*9:30 Breakfast – 3.5 Egg Fritata, Sundried tomatoes, onions, greens, 1 Orange

11:30 – Snack (Southwestern chicken salad)

12:00pm – Training Part 2

A. Deadlift @5020, 4-6×5; rest 2 min
225, 245, 265, 275, 285
B. Close grip bench press 10, 8, 6, 10, 8, 6; rest 2 min
185, 205, 225, 195, 215, 235 (4 reps, got stuck on 5th)
C1. 10 unbroken 2 pood KBS x5; rest 10 seconds
C2. 10 unbroken ring dips x5; rest 1 min
*completed with fast and sharp reps


PWO Fueling – 32g Protein/20g Carb
2pm – Lunchtime Snack (southwestern chicken salad)

2:30 – Client private training

4:00pm – Training Part 3

60 min z1 flow session
10min – Snatch Technique with 95# in flats
10min – Clean and Jerk Technique with 145# in flats
10min – Row @ 1:35-1:40 pace 200m, Paralettle Handstand Push ups
10min – Pistols and Muscle Ups
10min – Single leg double under practice
10min – Airdyne and Reverse Hyper Mobility
*Super excited by the progress with my single leg double under practice. Was able to get 21 on my left leg (weaker) and 23 on my right leg today. Last week I struggled to get 10. The pistol work felt very balance and controlled. This is a useful skill to help me test my ankle and hip flexibility which I’m working to improve, particularly while wearing my flat soled shoes. I typically perform pistols in weightlifting shoes to overcome my ankle issues and today I was very successful without them.

PWO – Dinner 5:30
– Rotisserie Chicken and Roasted Potatoes (about 1.5 cups)
– We have a great farmers market on Tuesdays that sits in the parking lot right behind the gym. The chicken truck is there every week and serves up the most delicious dinner. The chicken drippings fall down on to the potatoes as they slow roast. Very tasty.

6-7pm – Had to coach an evening class. I typically avoid split days like this that start very early and end very late, but I have a coach that is sick and covering for his was the only option.

Spent the rest of the evening visiting my parents. The topic of age came up with my Dad having a birthday today. I started to think about how I’ll be turning 28 in a couple weeks and that 30 seems to be right around the corner. It really feels like the first time since I turned 16 or 21 that I’m conscious of my age. I’m excited for the years to come and not scared about my 30’s.