Training September 6th

Good Morning. Relaxed morning for a change. First work commitment wasn’t until 10:15 and it was a consult with truly great person. So nice to wake up slow and take time getting into the day. Made a trip down to the local Peet’s Coffee this AM to get a pound and get a freshly brewed Large Decaf Coffee w/ a splash (pour) of heavy cream. Bumped into an old co-worker of mine and we had a few laughs about some old Peet’s working stories. I got complimented as being one of the most polite customers ever by a guy that had no idea I used to be in his shoes. Try being nice to those people serving you coffee. They get to provide customer service to a population of drug addicts that have not yet gotten their daily fix. Most people are edgy and unkind. Anyhow, on to my training day.

8:30 – 30min Oly Skill Session
10 z1 Run Warm Up
Ankly Mobility & Reverse Hyper Work (helps my back get loose)
-Muscle Snatch, Power Snatch, Snatch Balance, Squat Snatch Complex @ 95#
-Power Clean, Squat Clean, Split Jerk @ 125#

9:30am – Breakfast
2 Strips Bacon
3.5 egg fritata w/ onions
*in case anyone wants to know why 3.5 eggs. I make a 6 egg fritata for Megz and I most mornings and I always get greedy and take more than half but not quite 2/3.

10:15-12:30 – Client Consults, Assessment

1pm – Training

On the minute for 20 min:
2 hang power clean 225#
3 ghd sit ups
– Completed. 225# felt so much better only having to do 2 reps at a time as compared to that beat down last weekend with the 10-8-6-4-2. As the minutes went on my elbows got faster around the bar and it felt less like someone was punching me in the chest with every rep. Progress!


2:00pm – Meeting of the minds. Partner and I discussing how to make our offerings to the community and the world even beter.
3pm – 6pm – Coaching and High School S&C Program

6:20pm – Training Part 3
For time:
L-sit- accumulate 2 min for time

Handstand walk 100 meters

50 hspu
*17:47 – I did the L-Sits in intervals of 20/20/20/20/20/10/10. Holding the L position is tough with my low back a little tender. But I managed it with minimal rest. Then the 100m HS walk was broken up into 7-10m sets the whole way. HS push ups took about 5mins to complete. Reps were 5/4/4/4/4/4/3/3/3/3/3/2/2/2/3/1. Shoulders COOKED!

PWO – Dinner of 2 Pints Asian Beef Salad.
*My client brought me this as a thank you and parting gift as he is returning to group exercise after today and our 6 month relationship is over. Just a quick shout out to my client Mark Mossing for making incredible gains in the last 6 months. He has successfully overcome knee surgery and rehabilitation. On our first day he couldn’t perform a squat with body weight and failed some basic motor control tests. Today he deadlifted 265 pounds, back squatted 180 pounds, did a weighted chin up and weighted dip, and ran 800m in under 4 minutes. Great job Mark. This is just the beginning.