Training September 9-20-12

6:00am – Wake up and supplements
7:00am – Breakfast w/ an old friend who I haven’t seen in so long that the last time we got together I didn’t own a gym. When he said to me that our last meeting we were talking about signing a lease for the new building in Mill Valley I had a brief flash of my life since this place opened. My life has changed more dramatically in the last 16 months than any other point. I’m so grateful for the path that I’m on. I’m grateful to TJ and Allison for seeing potential in me and bringing me into this business with them. They trusted me and put me in a position to succeed and I always remember that. I’m grateful to my parents who supported me on my roller coaster of a journey the last 4 years. From the lost and scared medical student to the gym owner and coach that I am today they never wavered in their support. To my girlfriend Megan who stands by me during all the tough decisions and challenges that running a business brings. And, lastly, I’m grateful to every single person that ever steps foot into my gym with the belief that this is a place that they can achieve their goals. I will continue to work to make those goals your reality. 

-3 Egg Omlet with spinach and onions
-Cup of Fruit
-Coffee Heavy Cream

8:30am – Client – Note to self. Careful when putting clients on the Airdyne for intervals in the first part of your hour session. Those last 45mins might be a complete blur to said client.

Training Part 1 – 9:30 AM

15min Airdyne Warm Up 
15min Mobility work
Oly skill work 30 min (light loads, nothing over 50% 1rm)… basically a
flow session
*Spent 15 minutes on the snatch (115) and the clean (145#). Worked in my flats and the flexibility is coming. My ankles feel better, foot positioning is better, and balance is much improved. My flow sessions have basically been 15 minutes of work in each movement. Take about 15-20sec rest between lifts and occasionally throw in a complex here and there of snatch balance, jerk, push press, thruster, front squat, ohs, etc..

PWO – Protein Drink

Training Part 2 – 12:00 Noon

On the minute for 24 min:
Odd: 185# hang power clean x4
Even: Push press 135# x6
*Felt great throughout. HPC felt fast and position was solid. Push Press equally good. 


During Workout – 32g Protein/20g Carb

PWO – 30g Protein + Greens First + 4 Strawberries

1:15-2:15 – Staff/Coaches/Owners Meeting TJ’s Gym – We had a guest speaker today at our staff meeting that was beyond inspirational. I’m so proud to be a part of this community and I’m more inspired than ever to see how we can continue to provide life changing service to our members.

Training Part 3 – 2:40pm

4 rounds For time:
Run 400m
25 back extensions
*This was a hamstring burner. Every round of back extensions got progressively more difficult on the hamstrings. First 50m of each run was very awkward. But I felt great on the running and was able to push my pace throughout. I think my last 400m was around 1:30.

PWO – 32P/20C

3-6pm – Coaching
*Afternoon Meal – 4:15pm
-Southwestern Chicken Salad with honey dijon mustard
-6 Tomatoes picked right out of my Tomatero Farms harvest to home box. $20 for a delivery of fresh organic veggies and fruit each week. Total steal.
*Snack – 5:30pm
-3oz Chicken Breast
-1/3C Macadamia Nuts

7:30pm – Dinner
-Beet Chips – entire container
-3/4 C White Rice
-Meat Sauce