Volume Wednesday and Recovery Thursday

It seems to happen every December. Client number 1 calls to cancel their appointment this week. No worries. Then you get client number 2 who emails to let you know they are taking the last minute 2 week trip and wont be in for their three sessions over the next couple weeks. The schedule starts to free up in a way that seems a little unsettling. “I’m not working” is a little nerve wracking at first. Then client number 3 and 4 both text you on the same day to say they are going to need to cancel for this reason or that reason. And it is official. You basically just got a surprise bit of time off and vacation. How are you going to spend it? Well the last two days have been a welcomed deload in my work schedule. Time to focus on other things. Enjoy the lul because there will certainly be a rush in a month or two. So here is to the next week or two when people are off vacationing and being with their families. For me it means a little more quiet time at the gym. It makes each coaching session that much more special. I’m grateful for the break and grateful for the extra time to spend with my family and Megan this coming week.

Wednesday 12/19 Training Part 1 – 7am

Swim 25m on the minute for 30 min @85-90%
*felt great to be back in the pool. this is my money distance.

Wednesday 12/19 Training Part 2 – 10:45am

Emom for 20 min:
Odd- 3 power clean 225
Even- 3 parallete hspu kipping
Emom for 20 min:
Odd- 6 power clean 165
Even- 10 ring dips
Emom for 20 min:
Odd- 10 power clean 95#
Even- 10 burpees

*Work today went great. Love the simplicity of having 1 barbell movement and just switching up reps and loads. Breathing felt really got on part 3. Video below shows first 6mins of each.


Wednesday 12/19 Training Part 3 – 1:30pm

70min – Zone 1 Work
90sec – AD (250-270W)
90sec – Row (1:52-2:00)
90sec – Jump Rope Skipping
400m – Run (Easy)

*Running was my least favorite part of this. I think because it was super cold out and I was a sweaty mess. Also running down a busy street not my favorite. Had the distraction of watching both Megan and Kirby crank through SHE programming. 250m Row repeats x 16. They got after it. I caught myself speeding up on their 100% sets because I was caught up in their energy.

Thursday 12/20 Training Part 1 – 8:30am

30 min row z1
(middle 10 min s/m increase by 5-7, and pick tempo up to 60 min max meters row pace)
2:09 – 1st ten (22 s/m)
1:56 – 2nd ten (27/28 s/m)
1:59 – 3rd ten (24/25)

*Cold start to the day. My legs are very sore and tired. Cranking the tempo up for the second ten minutes was tough at first and then felt great by the end. No cramping in my legs, post chain felt strong by the end.

Thursday 12/20 Training Part 2 – 12:30pm

Run 200m @ somewhat tough effort
Rest 1:3 of the work time

*All sets in :35. effort level felt perfect, back was a little tight afterwards but nothing major. Legs are still very sore. Quads are sensitive to touch. 

Wednesday 12/19 Nutrition

6:30am – Greens Drink
8:30am – fritata, yuca, coffee w/ cream
12:00pm – recovery 80/40 carb/protein
2:30pm – recovery 20/10 + chicken breast + yuca + orange
3:30pm – coconut water + coconut ice cream 1/2 cup
7pm – grass fed burger + salad