We Saved the Glutes for Last

In our final installment of the “Inside the Warm Ups of ATS” series we want to highlight one of our favorites. We dedicated a day of the week to focus entirely on building up the posterior chain in the warm up. That’s right, I said build up!

Warm ups are taking on a new meaning with ATS and Functional Bodybuilding. We use these loaded movements and isometrics to get training started for our athletes right away. Gone are the days that warm ups are just a throw away 10 minutes. We can make them valuable and impact your aesthetic and performance.

In ATS 4.0 our #RumpPumpFriday Warm ups are focused on getting the posterior chain working and pumped before we dive into bigger complex movements. I can hear the questions already. “But Marcus, won’t it just tire me out before my power cleans?” Trust me on this one and give these a good solid effort and lets see what the result is. In our experience, pushing these loaded and unloaded movements in your FBB warm ups will not tire you out, and in fact will more than likely make you move better and get more out of your next series of movements in your training.

3 Sets –
8 Landmine Single Leg Romanian Deadlift per leg
rest 30sec
20 Banded Hip Thrusts
rest 30sec
30sec Superman Swimmer Kicks
rest 90sec

A combination of Single Leg Hinging, Double Leg Hip Extension, and Global Extensions of the entire body. Completed one after the next, this short series can be done in under 10mins and will have your entire back side ready to GO!

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