Wednesday – 9/19/12

Yesterday was a packed day. Seriously did more than I planned on doing. Work stress was higher than usual as was emotional stress. But I stuck to my nutrition plan and got a solid 9 hours of sleep. Woke up to a solid HRV reading so I went ahead today as planned and hit the training hard. Life isn’t always going to line up like you planned it to. Without a solid foundation in recovery, nutrition, and stress management you can get derailed. Fortunately I didn’t. Sorry you had a rough day, but if your smart then guess what? You gotta get up again and train hard.

6:30am – Wake (Supplements and Coffee)
7:30am – Client Training Session
7:45am – Protein Shake 40g
Training Part 1 – 9am 

A. Squat clean 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min
245, 265, 285, 255, 275, 295
*First attempt at 285 knocked me on my ass. Remembered after that the importance of a vertical jump and not banging the bar off a vertical bar path. Stuck it on the second try. First heavy squat cleans in months and it felt pretty good. Rusty for sure. 295 didn’t feel like a max for the day but was a safe place to finish. Glad to have this one under my belt as I was worried about my back a little bit as heavy squat cleans have historically been tough on it.
B. Weighted lean away chin ups 5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3; rest 3 min
35, 44, 44, 53, 62, 70
C. TnG squat snatch @95# x10 reps; rest 90 sec x5
Complete. Last 2 sets got tough around rep 7.


10:30am – PWO Shake 32 Protein/20 Carb/5 Creatine

11:00am – About a year ago my girlfriend Megan dedicated herself to a new training approach the was focused at getting her stronger and giving her more opportunities to train areas of her fitness she needed help to improve. Namely she needed absolute strength and hip speed and power. Core lifts, oly lifting, and lactate power sessions were the name of her game. The focus and drive to get skills and develop flashy things muscle ups dropped as the focus. She has come a long ways in balancing out some of her basic fitness needs. The time had finally come to plug away at some of those more specific goals she always had. Like getting that first muscle up. When I say the time had come to focus on those things, what I mean is that she had developed sufficiently as an athlete to have the basic skills and power necessary to learn these new skills. But you still have to work at it. For some reason that wasn’t happening and the focus to just try new things and work on new skills was missing.

Today Megan conquered her first muscle up. She then proceeded to get a total of 4. Four legitimate attempts and 4 successful lockouts. In my opinion she made them look pretty easy and this is because she put in the time, did the work, and now found the focus to want to learn. The lesson I took away from today was that if you put in the time training there will be a day when these things that seemed so hard at one point will become almost effortless. Very proud of her.

11:15am – Meal
-1 Orange
-3.5 Eggs
-Onions and beet greens

12:00pm – Teach Strength Class
1:30pm – Meal
-Southwestern Chicken Salad
-Honey Mustard
-Roasted Beets in Bacon Fat

2:00-3:00p – Vitamin D Therapy. Sunning in the driveway.
Training Part 2 – 3:30pm

5 sets of 30 unbroken wall balls for time
– 5:26


Cool Down – 300m Row x 5 + 15min Airdyne + 15min Airdyne

4:15pm – PWO 32g Protein/20g Carb
5:00pm – Snack
-Mac Nuts with some pulled chicken leftovers from last night

6:15pm – Dinner
-1 C White Rice
-1 C Spaghetti Squash
– 1.5 C Ground Beef/Artichoke/Caper/Onion Meat Sauce

8:00pm – Snack
– 5 Strawberries
– 4 Slices Bacon
– Handful raisons