Wednesday Feel Good

Wednesday mornings are great. Wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 to the light shining through the bedroom curtains. No alarm needed since the first obligation isn’t until 10:30am training. Get up and get the pot of coffee going while I shake up my morning supplements and chug them down. Have I mentioned recently how enjoyable my morning supplement blend of Greens First + Max Fibre + Fish Oil + Probiotics is. It is my kick start to the day and my reassurance that I’m doing something good for my gut. While I try to make the best food decisions each day there are some things that are just stressful to my digestive system. Training for one thing is a stress to the gut. Some of the recovery supplements I take can beat up the gut a bit and I therefore take these measures each and every morning to help it heal. It also tastes delicious.

Coffee is ready and filled up to the 10 line in the Mr Coffee. Two cups for me and one for Megz when she wakes up. I start with my first in my giant yellow mug with a nice layer of organic heavy cream at the bottom. I take 4 red rustic potatoes out (medium/small) and I slice them thin on the mandolin. I line them up on an oiled cookie sheet and pop them in a 425 degree oven. Meanwhile the cast iron pan is getting hot on a medium flame. Some grass fed butter pops in the pan and begins to brown while I finishing dicing the onion with the extra sharp Japanese knife that Megan received as a gift two years ago. Onions are done and they go down it the pan with a pinch of salt. As they sizzle away I chop some green onion to add some color and toss them in the pan. After a quick saute and several large sips from my coffee I crack 6 eggs into the pan and scramble them up right in the pan. Making sure all the eggs and onions are evenly distributed is crucial to ensure every bite is delicious. Then freshly ground black pepper, red chili flakes, and some kosher salt on top. Cast iron in the over to brown the eggs.

Computer open and I’m inputting my daily HRV score while the food finishes cooking. Check and respond to a couple emails. Smells from the oven let me know it is time to flip the potatoes. One at a time to make sure each one gets browning on both sides. Another 3 mins and everything is ready. The potatoes are out first and placed onto a paper towel. I fight the urge to grab a hot one and cram it in my mouth since last week I learned a hard lesson that hot oil on potatoes will burn your lip and that burn will linger for over a week. So I patiently let the potatoes cool as I divide the egg frittata. I always cut it a little off center so I end up with 3.5 eggs and Megz gets the 2.5 side. I stack my plate with my frittata and heap of potatoes. On the side I squeeze a little bit of ketchup. Before I head to the table I grab my second cup of coffee and an orange. Finally, about 20mins later I’m sitting down to a delightful morning breakfast.

Training Part 1 – 10:45am

A. Power Snatch clusters TnG; 3.3.3×4; rest 30 seconds/rest 3 min
165, 175, 185, 190
B. Weighted chin up drop sets 2.2.2×4; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min


Training Part 2 – 2pm

“OC Throwdown WOD #2”
5min AMRAP
30 Clean and Jerks 155#
30 Bar Facing Burpess
– 1 Rounds + 1 Rep (61 reps)


*Side note – thanks to Ben Wise, Lisa Rendic, and Dan Felling for coming down and doing this workout with me. Some very impressive scores out of this group. Ben – 61, Lisa – 63, Dan – 54.