Wednesday Training 9-12

Morning Time; waking up around 7am to start the day is quite the treat for me. Since 2009 when I started working in the fitness industry my mornings have historically started super early. For the first 6 months of trying to break into coaching I was holding a part time job at a coffee shop. I was the opening shift guy. 4:30 was when I had to check in so I could stock the pastry bins, put the patio furniture out and start brewing coffee for the morning customers. It was a good gig that I didn’t mind at all. It taught me the importance of getting to be early. If I missed my 8 hours of ¬†sleep the night before an opener I was in a for a long shift. Those customers expect so much from you even though you make minimum wage and are serving them coffee. I suppose it is the caffeine we are peddling that gets them all crazy. Funny thing was that my most difficult morning customer ordered Decaf every day. Go figure. Anyhow, waking up these days at 6 or 7am is a treat and I welcome every morning that I get a chance to do so. Ask me to sleep in past 7am and it aint happening. Body clocks doesn’t want to be asleep when the sun is up.

7:15 – Morning Greens/Fibre shake with Supps (yes, I do this every day without fail)
7:30 – Decaf Coffee w/ heavy cream (also a ritual in the AM… only skip this when I have early morning testers to perform that require an empty stomach)

8:30AM – Training
*Pre WOD – 20g Whey/5g Beta Alanine/5g Creatine
A. 1 1/4 Back squat 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
275, 295, 315, 325, 330, 335
B1. Wide grip weighted chin ups 2-3 x5 @80%; rest 10 seconds
40#, 40#, 50#, 50#, 50#
B2. CTB chin ups 15 unbroken x5; rest 3 min
– Complete. Trying to minimize lower body kip and tension on lumbar spine.
C1. Snatch balance x5 reps @135#; x3; rest 1 min
– complete. Trying to play with narrower feet on landing. Did some reps without jumping feet at all, just dropping.
C2. Bent over barbell rows @31×3, 4-6×3; rest 1 min
40kg (88#), 88#, 98# (tough to hold top)
PWO – 32g Whey/20g Fructose


This was my first time ever doing 1 1/4 Back Squats. Body felt great and really felt like I could get after it this morning. Wasn’t sure what to expect out of myself in terms of weights, but the truth is that I’m not too attached to the numbers on the bar these days. I’m challenging myself more and more to stay entirely focused on the effort and the feeling in training and testing sessions. No need to celebrate heavy weights because there is always something heavier. But being happy about putting in a great effort is something worth doing.

10:30am – Breakfast
2 Over Easy Eggs
1C Chicken Salad
Ketchup – Lots of it

12pm – Coaching a strength training class.
*The energy in class today was exceptional. I had a room full of 11 athletes that move well and were focused on the task. Everyone finished on time and some serious weight got moved around today. In case you missed out on the class and are wondering what kind of stuff we do for an hour
A. Hang Power Clean; 3 reps; rest 2-3min; x4
B1. Clean Pull @ 1rm PC; 5 reps; x3; rest 90sec
B2. Dip; 3-5 reps; x3; rest 90sec
C. Back Squat @ 78% 1RM; 5reps x4; rest 2mins

2pm – Training w/ Dan the Man
*Wednesdays might just become DanDay. Last week and this week I asked Dan to come workout with me. Partly because it is nice having company when you do 10-15min testers, but also because Dan has a freakishly large engine and these workouts are right up his ally. I just know that if I put myself around him on days like this I can get a little more out of myself than I might normally. There is always a little hesitation on my end. What if he beats me? What if I go harder than normal and it hurst twice as bad? What if he throws off my game plan? Every time I start to ask those questions I know precisely why I invite him. For all those reasons. Because that is what makes you grow as an athlete. It moves me one step closer to turning off those voices and not caring. It allows me to just enjoy the company and try to forget all the rest.

4 Rounds for Time
30 KBS
20 No Push Up Burpee Box Jump 
10 T2B
-11:26 (Dan’s time – 11:26)
*yep we kicked our last toes to bar at the same moment.


Post Workout – 40g Dextrose/Fructose, 28g Whey

3:30pm – Lunch
– Leftover Rotisserie Chicken (breast/leg meat)
– Ketchup – lots of it
– Cole Slaw – about 2 cups

4-7pm – Coaching and clients.
*Been working with my 4pm client for months now on her oly lifting. Today I pushed here for about 25mins having her perform moderately heavy power snatch and Clean and jerk repeats every minute. So proud of her improvement. She got inspired to work on her oly lifting after watching a bunch of 40 year old women complete 30 squat snatches at 85# in a competition early this year. At the time she couldn’t squat snatch 85# and wasn’t exactly close to getting it. Yesterday I felt like she could have done the workout right there. I hear her getting complimented on her lifting technique often. You must put in the work as she has in order to learn this stuff. You cannot expect to become an efficient lifter by doing cleans and snatches every other week in a CrossFit class folks. Find a coach you trust and knows a few things about oly lifting and get some help.

8pm – Dinner and a Show
– New York Strip Steak
– Roasted Beets/Carrots and Beet Chips
– Breaking Bad Season 2 – Episode 4ish….

9:15pm – LIGHTS OUT