Weekend Testing and Pizza!

Saturday November 10th

I registered recently for a competition that is held in January. There is an qualification process to get into the event and it requires that you perform 1 workout each week for 3 weeks and submit scores online. I held off until the last day to perform the first workout of the qualifying process. The workout had two movements that I was concerned would bother my calf and my back. So after several days of letting both injuries heal I was finally ready to take on the workout.

6:50am – Fasted with 2 shots of espresso

10min ARMAP
15 Power Cleans 95#
30 Double Unders
– 8 Rounds + 12 Reps


*Feel ok about the performance. Really wish I could have finished those last 3 power cleans and had a chance at another set of double unders. Mistakes I made were on the 6th or 7th set of double unders I lost focus for a second and tripped twice during the set. I knew this was going to be hard for me. I don’t typically do well with these light to moderate weight high rep bending workouts. I started breaking up my sets from the very beginning. 9/6 on first few sets of power cleans and then 6/5/4. I slept very poorly the night before in anticipation of doing this workout and having to post a score for everyone to see. This score places me outside of the top 60. My hope is that over the next two weeks I can improve my ranking and qualify for this event as I think it would be a valuable experience in preparation for the CrossFit games season.

2pm – Testing

For Time
2k Row
50 Power Clean and Jerk
50 Burpee Pull Ups
2k Row


*With my back already a little cooked from the morning AMRAP I figured this workout was going to be challenging. It didn’t disappoint. I started out slow on the row and paced 1:54/500m on the first 2k. The plan before today was to approach the clean and jerks with some sets of TnG reps. Once I started warming up and feeling out my back I decided better to go with singles all the way. Burpee pull ups were also going to be a slow grind. For mental training doing 100 reps 1 at a time right in a row was good for me. The realization that no matter how many times you slow down to pause this just doesn’t get any easier. Final 2k was closer to 2:00/500m until the final 500m when I was able to keep the pace under 1:50/500m.


Gluten Free Pizza Crust – bought a pre-mixed box of this stuff at whole foods. Add some water and eggs along with some butter and our added touch of rosemary. The crust turned out pretty great actually and we decided it was the best part of the pizza.

Toppings – We kind of blew on this one. Didn’t really think it through that well. Bought some mozzarella and pecorino cheese to put on the pizzas. We made one with just pepperoni and the other with caramelized onions. The onion pizza we cooked in a cast iron pan and it turned out more like deep dish pizza. It was the favorite.

Now despite the gluten free nature of the pizza I still woke up feeling a little hungover. Not terrible but my eyes were a bit itchy and there was more than the usual amount of fluid/mucus around my eyes. Digestion not terrific but it was worth it. Found out this AM that Megan snuck some Lactase last night and didn’t offer any to me. She pulled one over on me.

Sunday November 11th – Back off day

6:30am – 30min Fasted Airdyne
254 Watts
546 Cals

Breakfast of Champions – Home Cooked Of Course
-Frittata – loaded with spinach and onions
-Fingerling Potatoes – sliced thing and baked in bacon drippings
-Orange Slices
-Coffee with Cream
-Ketchup for those taterz

Gorgeous day to be sitting in the living room. Sunlight blaring into our little treehouse we have and getting work done for the week to come.