What have you been doing?

Thanks to guys like Kevin, Andy and the CFPT team out in Hong Kong, and several others for reaching out and prompting me to write an update. My blogging frequency has come to a slow dribble. One post every few weeks it seems. The purpose of this blog originally was a place to share my experiences of being an athlete, coach, friend, family member, etc. It was place for me to draw inspiration, connect with people, and give insight into the way I have chosen to navigate life. It was an opportunity to reflect on how I was pursuing the different aspects of my life and to expose that to my community. It has grown into something really special. I feel connected to people I’ve never met in person. New friends and a new team of people to call community have arisen from these posts. 

Why the lapse? After the CrossFit Open priorities shifted around for me. I was feeling compelled to turn inward a bit more than turn outward to this blog. People, work, friends, family, training… they were all pulling and tugging me in different directions and the challenge of finding some central unifying theme was growing. There has been a lot of reflection in the past month. Not all of it felt like it made sense and most of it left me with more questions and uncertainty. But ultimately the process had to come from inside not out. A shift from outward expression to inward reflection had to be made and therefore the blog took a back seat. 

Have you been at a point like that in your life? Have you sometimes made the mistake of looking outside yourself for answers when the truth was just sitting inside of you waiting for you to get in touch with it. For me this was another great valley to go through on the roller coaster that is life. 

Now the goal is to keep climbing to the peak and see you at the top at NorCal Regionals! 

btw…. Still been training. 

“Double Jackie”


“Thruster/C2B/DU/WB Chipper” – 


“Pistol HS Walk” – 


“Heavy Jackie”


“DU HPS MU BS DU Chipper”