Who’s on your team?

Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of the team here at TJ’s Gym? Well I am. Here are some stories that deserve to be told. My fellow coach and friend Toni Z who did 13.4 and got a score of 26 that she wasn’t pleased with, took a 5 minute break, then came back and got 50 reps just moments later. My training partner and friend Lisa Rendic who just posted the best score in the world on 13.4 for her age category. Megan Kaden, my partner in life, put up the most dedicated fight of anyone I’ve seen on 13.3. She did more wall balls than anyone on the planet most likely in 13.3 and had fewer reps than she wanted by the end of it. She’s barely is half the height of the target. Brit who has surprised so many of us by placing herself on the first page of the Norcal leaderboard in just her first year of CrossFit.

And how about this guy. Dan Felling. He listens to my instructions, follows the plan I set in front of him no matter what, and works hard. He doesn’t complain, rarely shows signs of being nervous, and can do crazy stuff like this.


That is 1k Row/50 Burpees/1k Row. Done in under 9mins (8:58). He rowed two back to back 3:20 1k and hammered out 50 burpees in less than 2:20 (that is one every 3 seconds). Oh yeah, and did I mention he is also sitting up in the top of the Norcal leaderboard in the Open.

I get to train with these people each week. I’m so lucky to have this crew of people and so inspired by their work each and every day. Thanks guys.

Monday 1-Apr
6:30 AM
Airdyne 60 min easy out of bed
*(get off every 5 min, focused on L-sits, hollow rocks, and ankle/calf mobility during my breaks)

A. Squat snatch; clusters×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 2 min (83% 1rm)
all performed at 225#. felt so much better this week. basically power snatched all of them as my ankle and calf are tender still and didn’t want to challenge it deep in the squat.
B. Snatch deficit pulls 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
– 245, 255, 265, 275, 285 – it was fast the entire time so I just kept adding weight as good as these have ever felt. 
30 power snatch for time 135# – be aggressive and go deep into 1st set
– 1:25 (24 unbroken then singles – was aggressive on the first set, could have maybe picked up the speed on that first set a little. singles were pretty fast and challenged grip)
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_moOBDN_8g]Tuesday 2-Apr
8:30 AMRow 500m @1:38
rest 3 min
(rest 8 min bw sets 4/5)
– 1:37.6, 1:37.6, 1:37.6, 1:37.6, 1:37.5, 1:37.5, 1:34.5 – good morning on the erg. 32-33 s/m. easier this week with the added 30seconds of rest from last week even though splits were consistently faster.NoonA. Squat clean x1/Front squat x3; build to a moderate effort single of
the complex in 10 min
– 275, 295, 315 – felt really solid, last squat at 315 was hard but the clean felt great
B. Split jerk clusters 2.2.2×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
– 255, 265, 275 – stuck with push jerks today since my ankle/calf wasn’t liking the split. i actually tried to switch feet and was pretty successful at catching the heavier weights, however my recovery footwork was so uncoordinated with my left foot back that I had to bail on that. it was pretty funny. imagine watching someone hit a very clean and solid looking jerk but they were too uncoordinated to bring their feet together. that was me.
30 squat clean for time 225#
– 4:18 – all singles with short breaks. this got the whole body tingles going around rep 16