“Will” Training 8/9/2011

This was my third day back training after the games. I can tell that my body is still recovering from the months of training to the games. I was very sore from the weekend workouts. More than expected and just feeling a little tired despite great sleep and nutrition. But training must go on.

Workout for today from OPT is as follows.

A. Power Clean – 2-3 x 5; rest 2 min
– 245/250/255/260/265 (3 reps each set)
B. Clean Pulls @ 120% max clean; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 90 sec
– 345 all sets
C. Bench Press Close Grip @ 30X1; 2-3 x 4; rest 2 min – 80%
– 225/225/230/230 (felt light and fast)
5 sets:
10 CTB chin ups
Airdyne 20 sec @ 90%
30 double unders AFAP
rest walk 3 min b/t sets
Unbroken on all sets but set 4. I wore a 25# weight vest for this session and had set times of 60/56/56/71/61 seconds each. The weight vest made the double unders very challenging.