Work the Planks

Warmup: Simple Planking

A1. 30sec Forearm Plank; rest 30sec x 3
A2. 10 Side Plank Rotations/side; rest 30sec x 3
A3. 30sec Reverse Plank Bridge; rest 90sec x 3

*Isometric planks serve as a terrific way to warm up the CNS and the core body temp. Feel free to extend these time frames slightly to 45sec. These 3 plank variations hit the anterior core, lateral core, and the posterior chain really well. They also provide 3 different positions as well as rotational movement for the shoulders and therefore make for a great warm up protocol.

Complex – Hip Speed and Shoulder Control:

Today’s Single arm Kettlebell Complex and Challenge:

Single Arm KB Snatch
Single Arm KB Push Press
5 Single Arm KB Push Jerk
20m Single Arm KB Overhead Carry

Both arms build up to a heavy set. Note what loads you got for each arm, and any differences you experience side to side.

*This is a shoulder burner and one that requires a ton of hip speed and scapular control. Push your limits and go for a max on each side if you are feeling good. Otherwise keep it simple and lower load and just work on great positions.